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Experts in waste related regulations, compliances and licences

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Follow proper guideline as per central and state pollution control board

Manage waste in accordance with legal framework given in swm rules 2016, hazardous waste management rules, biomedical waste rules etc

Get complete paperwork done for waste management, recycling, reuse and other such waste related activities

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Through this platform individuals/organisations looking for waste management secvices such as :

  • Waste Buying and Selling options
  • Waste Treatment and Disposal
  • Waste related Compliance and Regulations
can directly connect with experts who are experienced in their field and can guide them

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Rajeev Gupta
My experience with mywastesolution has been very smooth and easy to be precise. If you want to make money selling your waste, don't look beyond mywastesolution!
Ashu Chauhan
Very user-friendly interface and makes seeking waste consultancy super easy for you! Seek expert consultancy for your company's waste to successfully reduce your waste contribution.
Gita Sigh
I Had been looking for solid waste management companies for a long time, mywastesolution made my work easier by giving me a list of waste treatment companies to choose from. Totally recommend it!
David Dsouza
We are very happy with the consultancy services provided. Consultants are easy to reach out to and gives cost effective solutions for your waste. Managing waste couldn't be easier!
R. Gopalan
Quite satisfied with the consultancy services provided. Helped me a lot in getting waste license for electronic waste and received guidance in proper disposal of e-waste.


What are the major waste related regulations?
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What are the rules for managing solid waste management rules?
What is EPR?
What licenses are required for E-waste?
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