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  • Solid Waste Management
  • Plastic Waste
  • E-Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
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Vinayak vandan Pathak

Experience: 7 years
Assistant Professor at Manav Rachna University
# Treatment and Disposal
I am currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Chemistry, Manav Rachna University, F ... Read more
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Bharat Chavan

Experience: 7 years
Bio cultures for sustainable environments
# Treatment and Disposal
We are manufacturing bio cultures for waste water treatment effluent treatment biogas treatment ... Read more
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Nandhini Nataraj

Experience: 6 years
Environmental Engineer and Technical Coordinator at Keystone Foundation - India
# Treatment and Disposal
# Buying and Selling
Experienced Technical Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental servic ... Read more
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Drashti Joshi

Experience: 5 years
Senior Analyst at Savvy Greens | Climate Change & Sustainability
# Treatment and Disposal
I have prior work experience as a Sustainability Consultant have worked on several Sustainable Desi ... Read more
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Akshay Singh

Experience: 4 years
Consultant and Service Provider (Compost/Biogas )
# Treatment and Disposal
I am a biotechnologist with a 4 year experience in organic waste management which includes Compost a ... Read more
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Suraj Baidya

Experience: 4 years
Be a integral to “Circular Economy” by formalizing Waste 2 wealth | Ethical development for a better tomorrow
# Legal Regulation and Compliance
# Treatment and Disposal
# Buying and Selling
I am Suraj Baidya ,Co-founder and CEO of SATVALUX INDIA LLP working as waste/scrap management consul ... Read more
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Abhijith Devadas

Experience: 3 years
A Budding consultant willing to find efficient solutions to waste management.
# Treatment and Disposal
He is a Full-time Project Coordinator at Green Worms Wate Management. With his professional skills, ... Read more
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