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Consultancy Requirement Detail

Need consultant/consultancy firm for setting up E-waste eco park in delhi

Requirement Description:
Need a consultant/consultancy firm for setting up E waste eco park in delhi. For this we want to engage a well-qualified consultant for the preparation of a detailed project report on the basis of which a concessionaire may be appointed to set-up and operate the Eco-park. E-waste Eco-park is an area where scientific and environmentally safe recycling, refurbishing, and dismantling is done and being an integrated facility, accommodates various handlers in the ecosystem such as e-waste refurbisher, dismantlers, recyclers, plastic waste processors, and others in the same premises. Deadline for this is 15th April so need discussion on this on urgent basis. To know all details related to requirement kindly download the details file from link Detailed consultancy requirement scope
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Name: Shekhar Benerjee
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