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Need plastic recycling consultant

Requirement Description:

We are a part of the family office investments group, located at Mumbai and are looking for a plastic recycling consultant. We are evaluating feasibility of plastic recycling business and need a consultant to prepare detailed project report for the same. The report should cover following aspects -

1. Regulation and certifications that will be required for set up as per central pollution control board and state pollution control board.

2. Setup requirement details such as land area, operational area, machinery and equipment required etc.

3. Information on various procurement channels that can be build to procure material to be recycled.

4. Market study and analysis on potential selling markets for recycled product.

5. Cost estimations and financial details including possible ROI, fixed and reccurring expenses, wages and salary estimation etc.

6. Time estimations from beginning to final plant setup process.

For any other details or queries that may be required to understand and estimate requirement better please contact.

Posted By:
Name: Piyush Chopda
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