Bridging Gap Between Industries and Waste Management Experts

Our mission is to connect Industries with Waste Management Experts so we can build sustainable environment for future generations.

What Is Mywastesolution

Mywastesolution is a platform to connect those who are seeking waste management solutions, with experts in the waste management field. Through this platform individuals/organisations looking for waste management services such as -
  1. Waste Buying and Selling options
  2. Waste Treatment and Disposal
  3. Waste related compliance and regulations
can directly connect with the experts who are experienced in their field and can guide them.

How We Help Waste
Management Consultancy Seekers

How We Help Waste
Management Consultancy Seekers

A waste management consultant can help you with -

  1. Optimum recovery, treatment and disposal methods for waste.
  2. Proper guidance on various waste related rules and regulations you need to follow
  3. Generating parallel sources of income by selling the waste generated to various industries
  4. Cost benefits that can help you save money by reusing or recycling waste at your place
  5. Your options on getting into recycling industry and how you can generate revenue from it
  6. Cost parameters involved in various waste management methodologies and which one is right for you

Benefits For Consultants

Here's why you should become a waste management consultant on our platform -

  1. Get paid for your expertise
  2. Showcase your skills, knowledge and achievements
  3. Broaden your horizon
  4. Build connections with different industries
  5. Build your credibility and authority in waste management sector
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