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We have over 1000 environmental consultants registered on our platform. These consultants have decades of experience on diverse environmental and waste management areas. From radioactive waste to plastic waste, if you have a problem they know how to solve it.

  • Regulations & Certification Consultants

    Get consultancy on Environmental Regulations and Certifications like EPR, PRO, CTE, CTO, e-waste license, recycling license and more
  • Treatment & Disposal Consultants

    Connect with consultants and get consultancy on best treatment and disposal methods in waste management
  • Buying & Selling consultants

    Find consultants who can help you understand how you can sell byproducts at your location to find additional revenue streams. Consultants can also use their connections to help you buy/sell your waste
  • Business Setup Consultants

    Planning to get into sustainable businesses like recycling, waste to energy etc? Our consultants will assist you in complete setup from starting till end
  • Plant & Machinery Consultants

    Get expert consultancy on waste management Plant & Machinery setup, operations, process and other factors

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Waste Management Companies
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Machinery, Equipments and Plant Providers
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Producers Responsibility Organisations (PROs)

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Find buyers of waste/byproducts/scrap and turn your trash to cash.

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Connect with sellers and purchase waste/byproducts/scrap at best market prices

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Machinery, plants and equipments

Find innovative machinery, plant setups and equipments to reduce, recycle or treat your waste/byproduct.

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Environmental Tools

Sustainability Tools for Efficiency and Impact

Unlock a greener future with our suite of sustainability tools. From improving efficiency to achieving sustainable success, our solutions empower individuals and companies to make a positive impact on the world. Explore our tools and join the journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Resources we offer

Make use of our resources to better understand how your business can grow by adopting sustainable growth structures in your business.


Understand and utilize the latest technologies available for better waste management and sustainable practices.


Understand and adopt various sustainable growth structures with our articles on Environmental policies and waste management.

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Rajeev Gupta
My experience with mywastesolution has been very smooth and easy to be precise. If you want to make money selling your waste, don't look beyond mywastesolution!
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Ashu Chauhan
Very user-friendly interface and makes seeking waste consultancy super easy for you! Seek expert consultancy for your company's waste to successfully reduce your waste contribution.
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Gita Sigh
I Had been looking for solid waste management companies for a long time, mywastesolution made my work easier by giving me a list of waste treatment companies to choose from. Totally recommend it!
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David Dsouza
We are very happy with the consultancy services provided. Consultants are easy to reach out to and gives cost effective solutions for your waste. Managing waste couldn't be easier!
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R. Gopalan
Quite satisfied with the consultancy services provided. Helped me a lot in getting waste license for electronic waste and received guidance in proper disposal of e-waste.