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Frequently Asked Waste Consultancy Questions

Why waste treatment is important?

  • Legal Requirements: All businesses are legally required to effectively manage and discard all wastes. Failure to do so would result in opening themselves up to legal action from local authorities, especially if there are any damages caused due to their negligence.
  • Environmental Impact: When waste is disposed of ethically and safely, it helps with reducing the negative impacts on the environment. Ensuring that proper waste management is facilitated helps in safeguarding that fewer waste materials enter the general waste stream.
  • Improved human health: The improper handling of different types of waste materials and lousy disposal methods can result in serious medical conditions. Hence, the proper waste treatment ensures that human health is safeguarded.

Why industries should have proper and efficient waste disposal mechanisms?

  • Environmental protection: Protecting the environment from pollution or contamination.
  • Safety: Disposing wastes in an irresponsible manner can harm people.
  • Business philosophy: Consumers have become more environmentally conscious. Hence, businesses need to promote their ‘green’ strategies and environmental promise.
  • Exploring alternatives: Generating innovative solutions for the disposal of wastes such as composting, creating value-added products etc.

How waste recycling helps industries and what they gain from it?

  • It conserves resources and reduces the overall carbon footprint.
  • Industrial recycling programs can help by creating cost avoidance and generating money that can be used for other purposes.
  • Saves energy and resources with recycling machines.
  • Embracing an environmental-conscious business strategy will attract more customers and investors as they will consider the organisation to be more credible.
  • Saves energy and resources with recycling machines.
  • Helps with reducing the disposal cost.

How to choose right waste treatment machinery?

  • Waste Volume: The amount of waste a business generates regularly is important to identify whether the machine can accommodate the volume or not.
  • Waste Material: The material and composition of the waste that is going in are important.
  • Machine lifespan: Check with the waste recycling equipment manufacturer to find out the average lifespan of each piece of equipment.
  • Safety Features: The machines used should be safe to use for the operators, especially if the organisations treat hazardous wastes.
  • Equipment Efficacy: Efficient equipment will provide the most cost benefits and satisfy the goals of the organisation.